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Raw Planétoïde (RIL 2024 Edition)
  • Raw Planétoïde (RIL 2024 Edition)

    Wall mounted planets commemorative of the amazing "Resonance In Light" exhibition at

    Heron Arts gallery in San Francisco, California (January 6th - March 27th 2024). It's a limited edition to 100.


    Each planet is laser cut, and then handcrafted to shape its volume and shapes to become a canvas for lights and shadows created by LEDs across the scuplture.


    The true magic unfolds in the interplay of opposites: what appears to be a sphere volume reveals itself as a flat circular form, challenging perceptions and highlighting the enchanting partnership between reality and illusion. This collection of ethereal discs offers more than just a visual spectacle; it's a journey through magical contrasts, crafted to engage, inspire, and delight.



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