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Resonance In Light 2024


Heron Arts



Resonance In Light is a collaborative experiment in meditative immersion sonically anchored by Gamelatron Viaoro, and the light sculptures Planétoïdes, Spectrascape, Transitions, and Lux Sanctum. ViaOro, by Aaron Taylor Kuffner, features 44 uniquely tuned gongs spanning across 6 pitch registers on 10 free standing sculptures.

The Planétoïdes., by Pitaya's team Arnaud Giroud, David Lesort, and Vincent Guerrieri, consists of 7 planets of different sizes distributed around the space creating a new enriching experience. The dynamic lighting plays across the ecosystem formed by the 7 planets, displaying gentle colors, shapes and shadows shifting, and pulsing in rhythms with the Gamelatron.

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